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Prior to 1934
Reunions: 1980 - 2010
Photos Taken From Facebook

Rest In Peace

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Before 1933

Old Union School located near intersection of Hwy 57 and Oochie Creek Rd.

Students who were attending this school were transferred to TTS in 1927. My mother and some of her brothers attended Old Union School.

Senior Class of 1939

Letter From Clyde Ware to Cassmates of 1939 Senior Class

Three Students In Front of The Toomsboro School Building.

Edith Lavender is the only one of these girls that I know to be alive. I talked to her on or about April 5.

TTS Second-grade class in 1931 - 1932 shool year.

Three of these students are still living - Red Carr, front row, fourth from left; Frank Mills, front row, far right; Mary Stevens, second row, far left. Red and Frank regularly attend our reunions and Mary was at Dr. Ware Day in October, 2006.

TTS First-grade class in 1931 - 1932 school year.

Students are IDed in roster to the right of this photo. Evelyn Dean, back row, second from right, is the only survivor that I can name from this class.

Names and Positions of Students in photo at left.

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Reunions (2002 - 2010)

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Marie Day and Algie Cannon

Both were in class of1951. Marie is the sister of Kenneth and Shirley Day.

Dorothy Ann (Dot) Forham - Class of 1951

Marie Day (left) and Her Sister Shirley

Marie - Class of 1951, Shirley, Class of 1953. They are the sisters of Kenneth Day.

Marlene Lord Tompkins - Class of 1950

Marlene was wife of Ray Tompkins, who passed a few months ago, and sister of Guyton and Shang Lord.

Ray Tompkins

Ray was the husband of Marlene Lord; They attended all the class reunions.


Carolyn (Sis) Petty

Teacher - she passed away since reunion in 2008

Lavern Bowdon (wife of Harris) and Bo Weaver

Bo was in class of 1951

Mr.Don and Doris Smith

Mr. Smith was a teacher - the two of them always show up at the reunions.

Red and Geraldine Carr

They are regulars at The Toomsboro School Reunions.

Richard and Sadie Tanner Montgomery

Richard was in class of 1953, Sadie in class of 1950. Sadie is the sister of Bernice Tanner Sanford, and Richard is the brother of Jack Montgomery.

Sue Spivey Lord - Class of 1962

Sue is the wife of Shang Lord and sister of Sonny Spivey.

Tom (left) and Marion Sanders

Marion was in class of 1953

Dent Sisters

Clara Dell is in the middle.


Christine Brantley (right) and daughter Cindy

Bubba Boone and Friend

Paul Thompson - Class of 1951

A regular at our reunions.

Jimmy Lord

Jimmy is Edwin Lord's brother. Jimmy looks after Toomsboro history matters and MC's the school reunions.

Charles and Joyce Thompson Miller

Charles and Joyce regularly attend the school reunions. Charles is the brother Jack Miller, and Joyce is the sister of Guy Thompson.

Classmates -1953 Graduating Class

L - R: Marion Sanders, Gene Weaver, Jonnie Bailey Stamps, Reba Montgomery. It was the first class to graduate from TTS after finishing twelve years of school.

Elaine Holliman Hearn

Elaine is a sister of Marion, Sue Ellen, Doyle and Harold Holliman. I talked to her in April 2010

2010 - Irwinton - American Legion Hall


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Photos from Facebook Pages

Marie Bailey Massengale

Marie is sister to Jonnie Bailey Stamps and Mary Bailey Budrys.

Bonnie Harrison Ford (right)

Bonnie is the daughter of Mary Brown, who passed in November 2009.

Marion Kingery Moody

As a military child, Marion went to several different school. She attended TTH during her first and eighth grades.,

Rest In Peace

L - R: Naomi Duncan, Edith Lavender, Evelyn Bruner

I spoke to Edith in April 2010. Toomsboro School building is in the background.

Miss Willie Mae Hall

First Grade Teacher at Toomsboro for decases - a legend and lioness. Aunt of Clara Mae and Stutz Hall.

Aubrey Brown

Husband of teacher, Marion Chambers Brown. Aubrey probably attended TTS.

Reginald Freeman

Attended The Union School and the TTH. Reginald was my uncle.

Sarah Weaver Johnston

Sister of Joann and Gene Weaver and cousin of Bo Weaver

Clara Mae Hall

Niece of Miss Willie Mae Hall and sister of Stutz Hall

George Jr. and Bunny Bailey

A smiling Bunny Bailey is seen here with her brother, George Jr. Bunny passed away in April 2010, and a memorial service was held at The Ebenezer Baptist Church near Toomsboro.

Carolyn (Sis) Petty

Long-time teacher at Toomsboro and resident of Irwinton

Rebecca Weaver Roberts

Sister of Bo Weaver and cousin of Gene and Joann Weaver Hartley

Hazel Spivey Meeks

Sister of Sonny, Rick and Sue Spivey (Lord) and cousin of Bo Weaver

Bill Spivey

First cousin of Sonny, Rick and Sue Spviey - and Bo Weaver

Canoye Spivey

Sister of Sonny, Rick, and Sue Spivey (Lord) - and first cousin of Bo Weaver